The quality

At Knud Kristensen Møldrup, we strive to ensure that the best-quality potatoes reach our customers. All the potatoes are hand-sorted, measured and weighed before we ship the potatoes out, plus they are also regularly inspected by the Danish Agricultural Agency to ensure that the certified seed potatoes are of a good quality and comply with a range of requirements. The company has a longstanding tradition of being able to meet customer needs and, therefore, is able to sort the potatoes in all sizes and according to any needs. We comply with all national and international requirements for the cultivation, production and sale of seed potatoes. In Denmark, we have approx. 171 rainy days annually, which help to provide optimal conditions for potato cultivation. The Nordic conditions provide a sound framework for healthy plant breeding and allow potatoes to have optimal growth conditions.

Global Cap Certification

In 2020, Knud Kristensen ApS completed GLOBAL G.A.P. certification. Global Gap is recognised worldwide and gives producers the opportunity to have their products certified, among others, thus providing access to the global agriculture market.
With this collaboration, Knud Kristensen ApS ensures a high standard in the breeding and sale of potatoes.